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Meet Kevin
Kevin has an extra skip in his step on his commute today. Just four days shy of his 28th birthday, he has finally paid off all of his student loans.


As he’s waiting in line for his morning latte, he thinks about all the things he can buy with the extra income every month. His thoughts are interrupted by his dad’s voice, “Invest in your future, son!”. 


He does some research that night and comes across an investment tool called Stash. He downloads the app and learns more. 

Kevin is excited about the envelope feature. He could use something to help budget his spending better. He especially needs to cut back on all those Lyft rides. 



He sets up his Stash account.


When he sets up his envelopes (spending limits), he sees recommendations based on his spending habits. He can’t believe that he spent so much on coffee last month. 

He decides to set an envelope up for coffee shops and Lyft rides. 


He checks back in three weeks later to see how he is doing. He's sees that he is not on track to be under his coffee envelope spending limit and that he is doing okay on his Lyft envelope spending.  





The next week, Kevin forgoes his fancy morning espresso. He also makes sure he is running on time so he doesn’t have to grab any last minute Lyfts. He takes his bike instead. 


His saving has paid off. He managed to save an extra $32.12 that month. Stash lets him know that it will be worth $278.44 in 2050.

He thinks about challenging himself even more by lowering his envelope limit for next month. 



Not only does Stash help Kevin invest more, but it also helps him spend less

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